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The beauty of the web is that there are lots of things to do while online. Our website allows you to go and play math games online from any web browser and internet connected computer. Some of our visitors are even playing online math games on their cell phones! If you are at the library, at a friends house, or maybe at a store using a computer, you can get online and start playing math games just by visiting our website. Get your math game fix by logging on and start playing some games right away. Don't worry, if anyone asks just tell them that you are studying!
Play Game!Math 101Math 101
Answer the teacher's question.
Play Game!Catch 33Catch 33
Counting combined with coordination.
Play Game!Biz WizBiz Wiz
Count the correct amount of change.
Play Game!Number MunchNumber Munch
The classic game is back.
Play Game!Seesaw LogicSeesaw Logic
Which item weighs more? Gets hard!
Play Game!Novel MahjongNovel Mahjong
A simple mahjong game.
Play Game!Day TraderDay Trader
Manipulate the market.
Play Game!Quick CalculateQuick Calculate
Quickly solve the problem.
We have a lot of games in which the main objective is to try to solve a simple math problem as quickly as possible. These type of games are good to play online when you are at school between classes because they will keep you alert and wake you up for quick thinking. Train your brain while online instead of letting your brain rot by simply browsing videos. There are a lot of online activities that can be considered a waste of time, however using your online time to play math games is a much better choice.
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