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Everyone loves math games, that is why we offer math games for kids. Adults already know math and do not need any fun games to help them learn, but kids who are young are still new to math and want to play games. What's better than letting kids play some math games on their computer? You will find a lot of cool math games for kids on our website that youngsters will want to play again and again. If you are a school teacher and let your kids play on our website then you may find yourself being asked regularly by your kids if they can stay in for recess and play some math games.
Play Game!Biz WizBiz Wiz
Count the correct amount of change.
Play Game!TetravesTetraves
A sudoku-like game.
Play Game!1 to 241 to 24
A sliding puzzle game.
Play Game!Fraction PokerFraction Poker
Poker using fractions.
Play Game!Math Attack 2Math Attack 2
Put together the right numbers.
Play Game!ClockzClockz
Can you read a clock?
Play Game!Catch 33Catch 33
Counting combined with coordination.
Play Game!Novel MahjongNovel Mahjong
A simple mahjong game.
Our math games are designed mostly for kids because they are easy to play and can be picked up quickly usually in just a few seconds. However, even older kids and adults can enjoy our games because they really are for everyone and no one is above taking a few minutes to enjoy a few simple online math games. We believe that everyone is a kid at heart or at least can appreciate some of the same things that kids do. Maybe someone wants to better understand the inner spirit of kids by playing online math games in order to keep in touch with their playful and fun persona.
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