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Everything these days seems to require a fee or admission price to use. Try going to an arcade at a mall and they will want upwards of several dollars just to play a game for a few minutes. On our website, all of the games are absolutely free and you will not need to insert any quarters to start playing them. Not to mention, why would anyone want to charge money for a math game? People are already paying for their kids to go to school so education on the internet should be free. Worry not, we have free math games and will always have them for free.
Play Game!TetravesTetraves
A sudoku-like game.
Play Game!Seesaw LogicSeesaw Logic
Which item weighs more? Gets hard!
Play Game!Fraction PokerFraction Poker
Poker using fractions.
Play Game!Math Attack 2Math Attack 2
Put together the right numbers.
Play Game!Quick CalculateQuick Calculate
Quickly solve the problem.
Play Game!Add Like MadAdd Like Mad
Add numbers in this fun game.
Play Game!Catch 33Catch 33
Counting combined with coordination.
Play Game!ClockzClockz
Can you read a clock?
In today's world we feel that kids should be able to go online safely and play math games for free without having to subscribe to any service or be bombarded with advertisements. That is why we created our website to give back to the community and offer free games, but not just any free online games, these are educational math games. We hope that by offering free math games that other people will be inspired to offer their own services for free and pay it forward in the smaller areas of life. After reaching and providing millions of people with free math games we feel that we have done our part to further society in that small way.
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