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Play cool math games on your computer and have fun while using your math skills. Our selection of math games is updated periodically so check back for new games!
Play Game!TetravesTetraves
A sudoku-like game.
Play Game!Math 101Math 101
Answer the teacher's question.
Play Game!Seesaw LogicSeesaw Logic
Which item weighs more? Gets hard!
Play Game!Fraction PokerFraction Poker
Poker using fractions.
Play Game!Day TraderDay Trader
Manipulate the market.
Play Game!ClockzClockz
Can you read a clock?
Play Game!Biz WizBiz Wiz
Count the correct amount of change.
Play Game!SkidSkid
A unique puzzle game.

Play math games on your computer with your friends or with your teacher or parents on zMathGames™. Our educational math games will sharpen your math skills and increase your quick thinking skills and coordination all at the same time. Our math games are completely free to play and require that Adobe Flash player is installed on your computer or internet enabled device. Kids love our math games and countless kids play our math games every day. Our collection of math games includes classics as well as new, original, and modern games. There is a game for everyone on our website and if you like math you will find that our math games are right up your alley. Check out our most popular and highest rated math games to see what other people like to play or browse all of our games and discover your favorite.

Pattern and number based games are also found on our website along with other math related games for your computer. We have many of the most popular online games and you are sure to find the game that you are looking for. If you see a game that you think looks interesting, click on the screenshot or title of the game and you will be navigated directly to the game itself to be played. Our games are shown in widescreen because everyone has upgraded and is using widescreen displays. We hope you enjoy your stay at zMathGames™ and continue to visit for all of your math gaming needs. Be sure to bookmark our site and share with others your favorite game. You are encouraged to share your scores with your friends and see who can get the highest.

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